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The Yoga Somatics Course: Find Freedom in Movement

Yoga Somatics Course with NatashaJoin Natasha at Kaulika Yoga & Pilates for her Yoga Somatics Course, which focuses on helping you move freely and fluidly in an integrated way.

Ideal for yogis who want to delve further in their practice, and for yogis who may feel disgruntled or limited in certain poses. Come and understand what freedom of movement in the three directional planes feels like, and what is truly possible in asana practice.

Each session builds upon the previous, and will provide a well-rounded understanding of freedom of movement using key principles, lots of exploration and active participation on the part of your brain and muscles to shift movement and holding patterns that have been in your way.

  • Flexion – Monday May 6, 2019:
    Better understand & improve what impacts your Forward Folds
  • ExtensionMonday May 13, 2019:
    Better understand & improve what impacts your Back Bends
  • Rotation – Monday May 27, 2019:
    Better understand & improve what impacts your Side Bends & Twists

Each class runs from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm at Kaulika Yoga & Pilates

$90 for the full course: Register Today


Therapeutic Yoga


photo by Kendell Macleod:

Therapeutic yoga uses the ancient principles of yoga, combined with a thoroughly modern understanding of physiology, biomechanics and anatomy, to help improve function, move more fluidly and create ease. And when you build strength on top of ease – there is little that gets in the way of the life you want to live.

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Somatics Workshop February 9: Supple Shoulders and Happy Hips

Somatic Movement is a unique opportunity for you to understand what you thought was possible versus what can truly be possible using specific principles that will require not only your body to actively participate, but your brain as well.  In this workshop you will sense and feel what has been impacting your shoulders and hips (not only within your yoga practice, but within your life). This is a Somatics workshop based on the work of Thomas Hanna.

Bring a mat, a blanket, and a willingness to suspend your present movement beliefs.  Bona fide shifts guaranteed! The fee for this workshop is $60, which includes a handout with movement for your home practice.

Saturday February 9 | 1 – 3 pm | Kaulika Yoga and Pilates Studio, Brampton: map


buddha_headYogalaya means: a space or place in which to experience Yoga (that realized state of True relationship enjoining and encompassing body, mind, breath and spirit), a space that is completely portable and available to all by virtue of simply Being here.